• You don't have to come to studio, Studio comes to you. This helps the baby and the subject to stay in its comfort zone with its own people. Believe it or not its is a big advantage when it comes to new born / infant / grandparent photography.

  •  This also provides you with choice of taking photographs with different costumes thereby avoiding the hassle of carrying various costume with you to studio.

  • We ask parents / grandparents to get involved in the photo shoot, thus making the entire photo session a fun event to remember itself.

  • Safety of baby is our utmost priority. Therefore we maintain extremely high hygiene standards.

  • All the props used in photo shoot are safe for baby and are either brand new, properly washed and steam sterilized.

  • Some parents are concerned about the Studio Lights. Studio Lights are absolutely safe and they do not emit any kind of heat or radiations.