Frequently Asked Questions

Q1. How would you define a new born?

​A.   Newborns are defined as babies between their first 4 - 10 days.The new born sleeps for 20+ hours a day and remains in a wonderful ‘curl’ from the womb. After

       10 days, the baby starts to push their limbs out a little and are awake for longer periods of time. If your baby is older than 10 days, don’t be discouraged! Give us a

       call! The session will likely take a little bit longer, but we still get amazing photos.

Q2. When should I book a newborn session?

A.     For new born photo shoot , we suggest you an book a date tentatively 4-5 days post delivery. Once the baby arrives then we mutually fix the date. For any

         other shoots like family and portraits a week advance booking is recommended. 

Q3. What is best time shoot for maternity?

A.     Keeping your health in mind and your stamina levels, the best time to have yourself shot during pregnancy is around the 7th month. That is the time when your

         bump isn’t too large yet it is large enough to be visible in a photo shoot. As a safety measure we advise you to take the necessary precautions you need to before

         you decide to shoot. If you’re on your way for a second baby, you can always include your first born in the photos; all you have to do is inform us in advance so

         we can plan accordingly.

         We’re a warm team of experts who know that posing with a little baby inside you can be tiring and overwhelming. Rest assured, we’re always there to make you

         feel comfortable and help you with poses. We’ll make sure there is more space for the little one in your tummy than nervous butterflies.

Q4. How should I prepare baby for the new born session?

A.    We recommend to plan and feed your new  born 30 mins before we arrive. It would be great if he the baby is awake otherwise still we get amazing natural photos

Q5. Can we arrange for props?

A.     Yes ! We understand that there are some sentiments which parents would like to capture. We would be happy you bring unique props like clothes, cricket bat,

         football, base ball kit, superhero merchandise  or a soft toy. It will make picture more personal. We will let you know if anything is not in synchronizing with


Q6. How much time does it take for one photo shoot session?

A.    Depending on your child’s response and the output, any shoot takes anything between 2-4 hours. We understand our subjects are little children who may lose

        interest quickly, are distracted easily, can get tired soon and may need breaks. Hence, we’re not very rigid when it comes to the time frame. Our aim, at the end

        of the day, is to deliver our best to you.

Q7. How will I receive the photos?

A.    You will receive the photos on your pen drives or google drive which ever is convenient . We believe in practice of quality over quantity. The number of photos

        would be round 15-30. You will be getting the digital copies in 2-3  weeks as it takes time to edit and the develop a final high resolution image. We do, as a

        practice, hand over all the untouched images from the shoot to you in 48 hours from the shoot. We used a cloud-based service to send across the images to

        you, post that you have to select the promised number of retouched photos as per your package and share the image numbers with us via email. The untouched

        photos that we hand over are not to be considered deliverables; they’re simply given to help you select images of your choice. From the date we receive the

        selection from you, it would take about 15 days for the retouched photos to reach you. Should you need your photos earlier than usual, don’t forget to ask us the

        details of our EXPRESS SERVICE.

Q8. Do you provide printed copies ?

A.    Though our package includes digital copies only, of course we can provide you with wide range of high quality printing solutions right from frames, canvas, coffee

        table books at an additional cost

Q9. How much do you charge a session?

A.    We always customize the package to suit the the client need. For further discussing and finalizing the session you can contact us.